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"Business Technology, Made Easy"


Remote and On-Site IT Support

From the start we've maintained the philosophy that setting things up right and then maintaining them regularly is the only recipe for a trouble free IT environment. That's why one of the very first things we do when we start working with your business is a full evaluation of your current or proposed IT environment, identify design flaws, single points of failure and weak links. Just as importantly we take the time to understand your business, how you work and what functions make or cost your business money. We'll then work with you to design or redesign the entire environment to ensure the optimum amount of business up time and efficiency. From there on in we provide anytime support via remote access or onsite for all your IT support needs. We're just a phone call, email or txt message away.

Watchdog Services

Once your systems are running at top efficiency, we then offer 24/7 monitoring and preventative maintenance services to keep you up, see trouble coming before it impacts your business and keep you running smoothly. We ensure all your virus scan software, backups and disaster recovery systems are running all the time. We maintain your servers keeping a watch on their vital signs 24/7, do weekly administrative checks and install updates and patches regularly to keep them running smoothly and securly. You can forget about your technology and just use it, putting your precious time and effort towards what makes your business profitable while still leveraging the technology that makes it efficient.

Technology Concierge

When IT problems do arise they often devolves into a frustrating finger pointing match between your vendors and providers, each blaming the other for the issue, leaving you pulling your hair out and no closer to a solution, wasting precious time that should be spent attending to your business. With Technology Concierge service by Ashcor Technologies this is a thing of the past.

We document your systems and maintain a list of all your technology vendors so when trouble does arise, you simply call us and we handle the rest. We'll diagnose the problem quickly, contact the party responsible or fix it ourselves for you as quickly as possible. We speak "geek" so when we talk to your vendor's technical support it's a quick conversation and solution. The bottom line is you make one call and we do the rest, no hassles, no frustration.

Need a new software solution for your business or a computer for a new employee? Just call us, let us know your needs/intended use and we'll source the proper solution to fit your budget, provide you with a quote and if accepted deliver and configure the system so it's ready to go.

Digital Phone Service

Ashcor Technologies provides a full suite of phone services from local and international sip trucks, local and toll free numbers to complete digital VoIP phone systems and services.

Our AshCorTel phone system is a complete Asterisk based VoIP solution that is capable of providing all the capabilities of a large corporate PBX to small businesses at very affordable prices.

And since Ashcor Technologies is both the provider of the phone system and the SIP trunks, we're the only ones you need to ever deal with. The days of the phone line provider blaming the phone system vendor and vice versa are no more. If problems arise, the buck stops here.

Have employees who work from home or more than one location? No problem, as long as broadband internet access is available we can install phones anywhere and connect them back to your main office phone system for a seamless solution.

Email Hosting

We can host your email on our servers using your own domain and provide webmail, POP3 or IMAP access. Our state of the art spam screening software virtually eliminates spam all together, drastically reducing the possibility of receiving viruses while allowing all your legitimate e-mail to come through. Email as it was meant to be: simple.

Encrypted Offsite Cloud Backup

To ensure your critical data is safe, we offer automated, encrypted offsite backup of your important data. With our state of the art cloud back up software and servers, we can back up all your critical data offsite in just minutes every night. We can also keep several versions of each file available for recovery at any time.

Telecommuting and Home Office Solutions

Do you or do you have employees that telecommute or would like to but find that it's just not an optimal solution? With today's technology and pervasive broadband internet availability there no reason working from home can't be as convenient, secure and often more efficient than going to the office.

We can help you leverage all the technology needed to allow yourself or your employees to work from home part or full time while still remaining connected to their co-workers and office resources. We will work both ends of the telecommuting "pipeline" to ensure that the work at home experience is as smooth and efficient as being in the office, minus the water cooler and community fridge..

Business Networks

We can plan, design and install business networks for any size company. If you have an existing network that needs cleaning up or an entire redesign we can do that as well. From simple PC to PC networks on up to full server domains and multi location wide area networks we'll work with you to design a system that fits your needs and budget.

Creative Technological Solutions

With 20+ years experience working with technology there's very few things we can't find a solution or improvement for. Challenge us! Bring us your problems, ideas or crazy "what if's" and we'll find a solution.

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