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AshCorTel VoIP PBX System - Powered by Digium Asterisk

The PBX "Public Board Exchange" or "Private Branch Exchange" has been around since almost the beginning of the telephone. It originated as a large manual switch board run by an operator who would physically connect lines to route calls to the appropriate end point.

As technology progressed these operators and physical connections were replaced with programming and circuit boards. These were originally very costly systems only available to large corporations, hotels and government and were sold by the large telco's. They allowed a relatively small number (one for each concurrent call you needed) of phone lines to be shared by a large number of employees or guests.

These were analog systems using the standard copper wire phone network and specialized phones internally that were matched up to the PBX.

About a decade ago however, internet speeds, bandwidth and reliability began to reach levels that would support voice communications and this opened the door to digital or VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. Many corporations began switching over from their old analog PBX systems to digital VoIP PBX's that were relatively cheaper and provided many more features. But still these were still provided by the big dogs in the communications industry and well out of the reach of small and even medium sized businesses.

Going digital however began to break down the technological monopoly and small startup companies started to produce very sophisticated VoIP phone systems at very affordable prices, if you had the knowledge to install and run them. One such system that has become an industry standard and on which a great many commercial PBX's sold today are based upon is the AsteriskTM phone system.

AshCorTel is one such system. Built upon the FreePBXTM AsteriskTM PBX software, we've combined stable, efficient solid state hardware and quality DigiumTM IP desk phones to create a small business PBX solution with all the capabilities of anything the big boys have but at a fraction of the cost. A short list of the features include:
We can also provide the SIP trunk services and port your existing phone numbers over. See Ashcor SIP Solutions for more details....

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